Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scholarly Journal Publishing in Canada - Report 2011

The Canadian Association of Learned Journals has released its Scholarly Journal Publishing in Canada Annual Industry Report 2010-2011. The report notes five major highlights of the journal publishing industry in Canada:

  • Autonomy: 85% of Canadian academic journals are published by scholarly, educational institutions and organizations
  • Few paid staff: only 15% have full-time journal managers; more than 40% of editors receive no compensation (course release, stipend, or other support)
  • Technological change: 53% of journals publish in print and online; 25% fully open access; 39% with a variety of access
  • Circulation: 35% of print journals have circulations of more than 500, compared to 55% with more than 500 registered readers
  • Subscription prices: 62% of journals charge less than $100 for institutional print subscriptions compared to 42% of journals charging less than $100 for institutional online subscriptions

The report is also available in French.

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