Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Safe-injection facilities (SIFs) in North America: InSite

insite...Safe-injection facilities (SIFs) in North America
Marshall and colleagues report a reduction in overdose mortality rates associated with North America?s first medically supervised safe-injection facility
The Lancet (online April 18)
"The fatal overdose rate in this area decreased by 35�0% after the opening of the SIF, from 253�8 to 165�1 deaths per 100�000 person-years (p=0�048). By contrast, during the same period, the fatal overdose rate in the rest of the city decreased by only 9�3%, from 7�6 to 6�9 deaths per 100�000 person-years (p=0�490). There was a significant interaction of rate differences across strata (p=0�049)."
A renowned medical journal is about to publish a study extolling the virtues of Vancouver's safe injection site

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