Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 CADTH Symposium in Vancouver ? Presentations

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is an independent, not-for-profit agency funded by Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments to provide credible, impartial advice and evidence-based information about the effectiveness of drugs and other health technologies to Canadian health care decision makers. Here is an overview of CADTH's recent Vancouver symposium.

Monday, April 4, 2011 - Concurrent Sessions�

1100� ?� 1230

Concurrent Session A1:

Evidence, Ethics, and Quality: Issues in Health Technology Assessment Methodology

Mr. Ken Bond

Ms. Katherine Duthie

Dr. Maurice McGregor

Dr. Aaron Tejani

Dr. Ken Bassett

Mr. Ciprian Jauca

Dr. Martin Reed

Concurrent Session A2:

Evidence-Based Policy-Making: What Works?

Dr. Kelly Grindrod

Dr. Tyler Smith

Dr. John Embil

Concurrent Session A3:

HTA in Hospitals: Reflections and Perceptions

Dr. Paule Poulin

Ms. Carmen Thompson

Dr. Sue Ross

Ms. Natasha Burke

Concurrent Session A4:

Behavioural Change

Dr. Terryn Naumann

Ms. Tara Gomes

Dr. Suzanne Taylor

Concurrent Session A5:

Health Economics

Dr. Jennifer Davis

Dr. Nick Bansback

Ms. Wei Zhang

Concurrent Session A6:

Moving from Evidence to Practice

Dr. Sarah Jennings

Mr. Alan Cassels

Dr. Bing Guo

Concurrent Session A7:

Health Technology Assessment and Oncology

Dr. Wendong Chen

Ms. Zahra Musa

Mr. Mike Paulden

Dr. Paulos Teckle

1330 ? 1500

Concurrent Session B1:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Melding and Adapting Seven Guidelines

Ms. Christa Harstall

Dr. Carmen Moga

Dr. Ann Scott

Dr. Werner Becker

Concurrent Session B2:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Health Technology Assessment for Health System Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Arminee Kazanjian

Dr. John Embil

Dr. Donald Juzwishin

Mr. Petr Kresta

Ms. Denise Dunton

Concurrent Session B3:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Health Technology Assessment and Comparative Effectiveness Topic Development and Priority Setting: Overview of Canadian and International Processes

Mr. Michel Boucher

Ms. Sandy Pagotto

Ms. Pam Curtis

Dr. Sarah Garner

Ms. Nina Buscemi

Dr. Reiner Banken

Concurrent Session B4:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving Health Outcomes and Health Care System Sustainability, and Encouraging Innovation by Collaborating with Industry

Ms. Leah Clark

Mr. Mark Ferdinand

Mr. Dennis Dougharty

Concurrent Session B6:

PANEL DISCUSSION: How Can Decision-Makers Consider Other Factors in Decision-Making: Multi-Criteria to Maximize Opportunities to Bring Evidence into Practice?

Dr. Mireille Goetghebeur

Mr. Ron Goeree

Dr. Janet Martin

Dr. Paule Poulin

Dr. Tammy Clifford

Concurrent Session B7:

PANEL DISCUSSION: �Openness in Health Technology Assessments

Mr. Adrian Griffin

Ms. Lynn Buchanan

Dr. Andreas Laupacis

Ms. Karen Philp

Dr. Martin Zagari

1530 ? 1700

Concurrent Session C1:

Decision-Maker Support

Mr. Pavel Roshanov

Dr. Ava John-Baptiste

Ms. Kristen Moulton

Concurrent Session C2:

Pharmaceutical Issues

Dr. Barbara Mintzes

Mr. Shawn Bugden

Dr. Bohdan Nosyk

Concurrent Session C3:

Emerging Technologies/

Dr. Stirling Bryan

Dr. Michael Law

Ms. Colleen Cunningham

Concurrent Session C4:

Priority Setting and Resource Allocation

Dr. George Browman

Dr. David Koczerginski

Dr. Craig Mitton

Concurrent Session C5:

Evidence to Practice

Ms. Ann Vosilla

Dr. Alison Hoens

Ms. Kira Leeb

Dr. Donna Manca

Concurrent Session C6:

Informing Clinical Practice

Ms. Barbara Hill-Taylor

Dr. Frank Xiaoqing Liu

Dr. Robin Turpin

Dr. Mehdi Najafzadeh

Concurrent Session C7:

Evidence-Based Cost Savings

Dr. Larry Lynd

Dr. Moshen Sadatsafavi

Ms. Sara Khor

Dr. Jeffrey Hoch

Ms. Dianne Trudeau

�Tuesday, April 5, 2011�

0830 ? 0945

Plenary Session:

Maximizing Our Investment in Clinical Practice Guidelines

Dr. Stirling Bryan

Dr. Norman Campbell

Dr. Scott Klarenbach

Dr. Valerie Palda

Dr. Martin Reed

1015 ? 1145

Concurrent Session D1:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Value-Based Drug Reimbursement: Do We Want It? Do We Already Have It?

Mr. Scott Gavura

Dr. David Shum

Dr. Jeffrey Hoch

Mr. Kevin Wilson

Concurrent Session D2:

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN): Evidence for Informed Decisions

Dr. Robert Peterson

Mr. Bob Nakagawa

Dr. Diane Forbes

Dr. Christian Brochu

Dr. Chris Turner

Dr. Colin Dormuth

Concurrent Session D3:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Using CADTH Recommendations for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose in Nova Scotia: Go Fast Alone or Go Far Together

Dr. Michael Allen

Ms. Peggy Dunbar

Ms. Isobel Fleming

Ms. Corinne Tobin

Ms. Pam McLean-Veysey

Concurrent Session D4:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Alberta Health Services and Advancing the Uptake of Health Technology Assessment and Innovation: An Update on Alberta?s Experience

Ms. Rosmin Esmail

Dr. Donald Juzwishin

Dr. Paule Poulin

Dr. Lea Austen

Mr. Jitendra Prasad

Concurrent Session D5:

PANEL DISCUSSION: CSI: A Caf� Scientifique Investigation �? Using Caf� to Demystify Recommendations, Engage Audiences, and Address Barriers

Ms. Kristen Chelak

Dr. Adil Virani

Dr. Suzanne Taylor

1315 ? 1445

Concurrent Session E1:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building Bridges: Regulatory Science and Reimbursement Decision-Making

Dr. Judith Glennie

Dr. Robert Peterson

Dr. Jesse Berlin

Dr. Stuart MacLeod

Dr. David Mendelssohn

Concurrent Session E2:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Guideline Development: Overcoming Challenges of Limited Evidence and Implementation at a National Level

Ms. Rhoda Reardon

Mr. Clarence Weppler

Ms. Emma Irvin

Dr. Michael Allen

Dr. Norman Buckley

Concurrent Session E3:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Eyes Wide Open: Using Evidence to Rethink the Treatment Model for Type 2 Diabetes in Canada

Mr. Chris Cameron

Dr. Ehud Ur

Dr. Scott Klarenbach

Concurrent Session E4:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Surrogate Markers in Health Technology Assessment: To Use or Not To Use Is the Question

Dr. Charles Piwko

Mr. Bob Nakagawa

Dr. Jeffery Hoch

Ms. Laurene Redding

Dr. Muhammad Mamdani

Dr. Vijay Shukla

Dr. Phil McFarland

Concurrent Session E5:

Public Engagement

Mme Lucie Robitaille

Ms. Dorina Simeonov

Ms. Elaine MacPhail

Mr. Harlon Davey

Concurrent Session E6:

Policy Issues Across Canada

Dr. Aaron Tejani

Mr. Sean Hardiman

Ms. Laura Fitzgerald

Mr. John Abbott

Dr. Joel Lexchin

Ms. Barbara Gobis Ogle

1500 ? 1615

Closing Plenary:

Maximizing Our Investment in Health Technologies

Dr. Sarah Garner

Dr. Clifflord Goodman

Dr. Chris Henshall

Ms. Diane McArthur

Dr. Brian O?Rourke

Some presentations have not been posted at the request of the authors.

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