Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11 Weight Loss Tips for 2011, Part 7: Eat Protein

This is the seventh in an 11-part series of weight loss tips for 2011. Yesterday, we talked about exercise for weight loss. Today, we’re talking about protein.

Protein could be one of the most important nutritional elements in your diet as you try to lose weight. It can actually help you feel full longer, and it can also help your body burn fat.

We teach our Lap Band and Realize Band patients to eat protein first, because a banded patient will feel full very quickly, and we want to make sure they’re full on the right food. This also ensures that your body has enough protein to prevent hair loss that is sometimes seen with other weight loss surgery procedures.

Physical trainers will also tell you it is important to eat protein after a workout, because it will help your muscles recover from the exertion faster.

Let’s also note that many physical trainers would also recommend protein shakes. They can be a good option to get fast protein and feed your sweet tooth, but you should take care to look at the nutritional label. Some high protein products actually have more grams of carbohydrates than protein! To get the most out of your purchase, find something that has more protein than carbohydrates.

Protein is found in things that many people don’t normally associate with diets. It’s in meat and eggs and cheese. See, you don’t have to eat only salad to lose weight!

Of course, you want to balance the protein with vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods to keep yourself healthy, too, but starting with protein will help you feel full quicker and longer.

At Weight Loss Surgical Center, we help people lose weight with Lap Band and Realize Band Surgeries. If you would like to learn more about these bands, download our free kit of information about Lap Band and Realize Band Surgery.

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